Presentation of sophrology. Discover this alternative medicine

Presentation of sophrology and how to answer in a simple way to what sophrology is. You will understand better its effectiveness which accounts for the fact that one practices it for more than 50 years.  This presentation will enable you to discover its state of mind in order to improve the result on yourself.

Video presenting the etymology of the word “Sophrology”.

Origin of the word “Sophrology”:

The word Sophrology is a term that comes from ancient Greek and means :

Sos: Peace, harmony, serenity.

phren: Spirit, Consciousness

Logos: Science, study

It is the study of the conscience in order to find harmony.  Often we speak about harmony of the body and mind.

But a single word is not enough to understand what sophrology is.

The objective of this alternative medicine is the search for Consciousness and the Values of existence for all. I will come back to human values and consciousness a little later in the text.

Sophrology is not simply relaxation. You can relax in front of your television, watching a movie, having a good drink, but are you really going to progress in your daily life?

Presentation of sophrology:

It is based on existential phenomenology, so it has a philosophical and psychotherapeutic basis.

As Professor Alfonso Caycedo says, Sophrology is a daughter of psychiatry, in fact it was born from post-war hospital psychiatry in the neuropsychiatry department of the former hospital of Santa Isabel.

Caycedo has evolved his definition of sophrology, in 1992 he says that it is :

“The science of consciousness and the values of existence. A scientific school inspired by phenomenology, which studies consciousness and a new clinical and prophylactic (disease prevention) profession, which specializes in the conquest of the values of existence. »

The benefits of sophrology are numerous because it has a curative aspect and a preventive (prophylactic) aspect.

To learn more, I invite you to read the article on the history of sophrology and its creation.

The “consciousness” in sophrology:

Its great particularity consists in putting into practice the concepts of phenomenology.

In the definition of sophrology, we find the word “consciousness” but what does it mean?

As Caycedo integrated the role of the body, in 1980, he says: “Consciousness is the energy of the physical and psychic integration of the being”.

And in his last definition in 1988, he says: “Consciousness is the energy responsible for the integration of the existence of the being”.

The values of the existence:

How to make a presentation of sophrology which is simple and comprehensible without having done it?

Being aware of the Values you believe in is probably one of the most important points for you and for humanity. Being in harmony with one’s values makes it possible to keep a balance of all its being. Why is sophrology so effective?  It allows you to ask yourself the right questions: What are your values? Do you respect your values? Respecting one’s values makes it possible to live in harmony, in agreement with oneself. From there arises self-confidence and self-respect.

What is vivance?

Sophrology leads us to live the life which is in each one of us by the vivance, vital energy which is in us.

What is sophrology and a sophrologist?  Sophrology is practiced by a specialist in vivance called a sophrologist.

The vivance is a lived experience which makes it possible to be in the feeling

The sophrologist thus implements the means to discover your capacities, to become aware of them and to activate them.

How to discover and practice sophrology with Accord-Sophro?

One of its characteristics is the use of the body through simple exercises that allow you to have feelings.

Rather than making a presentation of sophrology, I invite you to practice it, it is only in feeling that you can really understand it and answer the question of what sophrology is.

You can do these exercises by creating a free account in the sophrology app “Accord-Sopho”.  This application follows the different steps carried out in a medical practice and offers you five free initiation sessions.