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With the Sophrology app Accord-Sophro, your nights will be peaceful, your days stress-free

sophrology app to sleepThe Accord-Sophro app allows you to practice sophrology at home.
You would like to improve yourself, to stop stressing, you lack sleep, you are looking for well-being but you don’t know how to do it, where to start? Why not try sophrology?

“With Accord-Sophro you feel more lightness in your body, more serenity in your mind. The meditations take on a great and sublime character.”

Manage your stress in difficult times

You can clear your mind and manage stress today with the Accord Sophro App

Get a better and more restful sleep

By using our sessions such as “Schultz autogenic training” or “Sophro-Schultz”, you will regain a restful sleep

Find your well-being

Discover the benefits of sophrology by practising the sessions regularly and answer the questionnaires in the app in order to know yourself better.

Start using the Accord-Sophro App for free today

You will be able to create your free account in a few seconds, you just need to enter your name, e-mail and password. You will be able to follow your progress thanks to a questionnaire made by experts…

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Blogs: You will find posts about sophro, its benefits, why it is so effective

Link between sophrology and epigenetic

Link between sophrology and epigenetic, the cells of our body

Sophrology and epigenetics are closely linked because they modify the expression of our genes. This is one of the explanations for the incredible effectiveness of sophrology. Biologists
/by Christophe Meyer
faire une séance de sophrologie

Complete an exercise

A sophrology session in an office takes place in several stages, a pre-sophrology dialogue...Accord-Sophro is the only sophrology application that respects the stages practiced in a sophrology office.
/by Christophe Meyer
presentation of sophrology

Presentation of sophrology. Discover this alternative medicine

Presentation of sophrology and how to answer in a simple way what sophrology is.
/by Christophe Meyer
background of sophrology

History of sophrology

Sophrology was born in 1960 with Professor Alfonso Caycedo, neuro-psychiatrist, his meeting with Binswanger in Switzerland, father of phenomenological psychiatry and grandfather of sophrology
/by Christophe Meyer
Self-confidence with picture of a mother cat protecting her kittens

Self-confidence: how to be more confident and more assertive in life

With the Sophrology appl you discover self-confidence. How to become confident in yourself and in the future. Being confident allows you to blossom...
/by Christophe Meyer
soin hopital

Sophrology at the hospital

Sophrology as a complementary therapy : Sophrology
More and…
/by Christophe Meyer
How to fall asleep and sleep peacefully

How to get to sleep, sleep better and wake up rested

With the sophrology app you will learn to find sleep with the "Sophro-Schultz" session or the session of the Autogenic Training of Schultz. You make effective sessions with...
/by Christophe Meyer
Benefits of Sophrology, Sophrology sessions with the smartphone in nature with butterfly

Benefits of sophrology. What does it bring?

What are the benefits of sophro?  What does the harmony of body and mind bring? How to find serenity and health? Is it better to be less stressed?
/by Christophe Meyer
comment lutter contre le stress

How to manage stress by yourself, easily, at home or at work?

Definition of stress, its causes and how to manage stress? What modern means are available? Based on research in neuropsychiatry, the...
/by Christophe Meyer

Users of the Accord-Sophro sophrology application testify to their improvements

The Application was my first real experience of alternative medicine exercises. I try to do  several of them almost daily. I especially like the positive energy exercises

Témoignage de Christelle

I think this is the easiest way to practice sophrology. A rewarding practice!

Témoignage de Céline

I keep this app for emergencies or when I simply need a boost. Practical during this confinement time.

Témoignage de Diana sur l'application Accord-Sophro

I stumbled upon this app in late march when we were all stuck at home . I liked the idea of having a virtual coach to let me do the exercises when I wanted. I don’t think I would have handled being locked up as well as I did without this little guy. I feel like I can tackle any challenge today.

Témoignage de Pascaline sur l'application de sophrologie Accord-Sophro