The purpose of the sophrology application and Accord-Sophro web page

The purpose of the sophrology application is to improve your abilities. To speak of capacities is to know what you are capable of. Accord-sophro allows you to know how to manage your stress, improve your sleep and increase your self confidence. You will find well-being in this way

Who is the Accord-Sophro sophrology application dedicated to?

This Application is dedicated to all people who are looking for a better well-being and who want to know or improve their right to find happiness. Accord-sophro was created to promote sophrology because it has become essential in an increasingly stressful world. Only an inner peace allows us to be happy and I hope that this application will allow you to do so.

People who worked on the Accord-Sophro project :

Michelle: writing and ideas. François : corrections. Patricia: Dance Master, responsible for the editing. Laure : graphic designer and artist. Michelle : Graphic assistant. Sylvain, Hugo, Matt, Cédric, Loïc, Sébastien, Karam: computer development, back, front, web. Victor, Julien : System administrators. Jean-Paul: testing and consulting team. Gilles: director. Gérard, Patricia: photographers and cameramen. Sephora, Christophe and the others: Community manager. Karam, Olivier : SEO expert. Marketing and market research team. André, Kristin, Lucy : English translators and trainers. Mathilde, Grégoire, Mehdi : sound engineers and recording studio manager. Marie-Sophie : lawyer. Yves : psychiatrist and doctor in psychology….

For more details on how to create your free account, please see the article on how to launch the sophrology app